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February 2022

The last three years have seen a perfect storm of circumstances combine to create a major shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry. On the demand side, the number of new housing builds and major project investment experienced record highs in 2019 and are expected to continue their upward trend for another decade.  On the supply side, up to 260,000 veteran workers will retire in the next decade, more people moved into other job sectors during the pandemic and new entrants into the labour market are less interested in pursuing opportunities in skilled trades. Overall, 30% of Canadian businesses are

A recent article, entitled “Women in Construction: The State of the Industry in 2022”, reports that, of all the employees currently working in the U.S construction industry, women comprise only 10.9% of the sector’s entire workforce.   Published by BigRentz, North America’s largest online construction equipment rental marketplace, the article outlines some of the reasons why current female representation in construction amounts to a mere 1.25% of the nationally available workforce. There are several factors contributing to this enormous gender gap, including unconscious gender bias, a lack of adequate training and negative perceptions of women working in construction. Domestically, this alarming reality