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About Credivera

Own what you know.

Our cloud-based technology ensures that skilled workers have the verified credentials required to meet industry standards and regulations – reducing risk, liability, and uncertainty.

Storing your credentials in Credivera’s convenient, easy-to-use digital wallet means that your qualifications are instantly verifiable, always up-to-date, and readily at hand.

history of Credivera


Credivera is the new brand of TerraHub Technologies, a company that started in 2017 exploring emerging technologies in the digital economy. Sharing the latest research and education, our cofounders embarked on providing thought leadership to over 100 conferences and speaking engagements in just two years. As a result, the company identified a variety of industries that required real-time proof for assuring the credentials and certifications of their workforce. Today, Credivera addresses these complex challenges of data verification that businesses face and offer a true competitive advantage: Proof.

Our carefully curated partner network and globally open standards are what have earned us to do work with leading enterprises and the Government of Canada. Credivera is committed to the protection of privacy for the employer and the employee, therefore our solution makes sure that information is securely permissioned to those that need it and removed when the owner wants it back.


The Credivera executive team includes global leaders in enterprise network solutions, data security, energy, e-commerce, privacy, and blockchain technology. We are the fun, ambitious group of people behind the brand that empowers skilled professionals with the ability to share and control their credentials – wherever and whenever they choose – in a trusted way to their employers.

We value growth, objective curiosity, adaptability, trust, and a sharing of knowledge so that we continue to help shape the way we manage digital identity today, and tomorrow.

Elena Dumitrascu, CTO of Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Dan Giurescu CEO Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Maggie Rigaux Credivera

Chief Growth Officer

steve guevarra CFO credivera verifiable credential company

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Forget

Chief Revenue Officer

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Credivera is built by ambitious, technically savvy professionals and we’re always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team. If this describes you, then let us know what separates you from the rest.

CANA is committed to maintaining a first-class safety program while also executing with operational effectiveness. The construction industry is at a crossroads for change. Traditional processes don’t always work in this new digital economy which consists of online training and remote work sites operating from phones or tablets. We wanted to innovate and with the increase of large projects, it has enabled us to scale fast and securely with Credivera.

Luke Simpson CANA Group of Companies
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