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International Data Privacy Day


International Data Privacy Day

January 28 is International Data Privacy Day, a day that aims to bring awareness, action, and respect to how personal information is being used, collected or shared in our digital society.

The onset of COVID-19 has resulted in a surge of digital activities affecting consumer and employee information. Our inability to conduct business in-person has increased our reliance on digital solutions for daily business and personal activity (banking, ID renewal, buying a home, employment, ordering food, buying goods, etc). Data Privacy Day reminds organizations to shift from having short-term solutions for managing personal information, to long-term sustainable digital identity strategies that look to the greater scope of personal privacy in a digital age.

Trust Is The Theme for Data Privacy Day 2021

When you think about privacy, who do you trust? The National Cyber Security Alliance shared a survey done by Mckinsey & Company and found that organizations who demonstrate that they are trustworthy by handling and protecting their customer’s privacy and data carefully, can stand out from their competition. Pretty obvious right? Think back to that simple web form or piece of paper at your local business that now has your health information during COVID-19? If you knew your personal information could be compromised, would you return to that establishment? Having the proper systems in place may impact where consumers choose to do business in the future.
Insider tip: Did you know you can now add a simple Visitor Module to the Daily Health Check that TerraHub offers during COVID-19?

”Data about your health can be used to commit fraud, contributing to $68 billion in losses to the U.S. economy each year.”
— National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association. The Challenge of Healthcare Fraud. 2020.

Build a Privacy Framework: Addressing the complex challenges of data verification that Canadian businesses are facing today, TerraHub’s software gives business owners and managers, real-time proof of personal credentials (career proof, professional credentials, identity) while meeting emerging privacy requirements, such as an employee’s right to be forgotten. Employees are happy too knowing that they have access and control of their data. Since our ‘new normal’ includes a remote workforce, a heavy reliance on digital, and the need for digital identity strategy across the company, security and privacy have become everyone’s priority, not just that of the IT department.

”97% of companies see benefits to privacy investments.”
— Cisco. Data Privacy Benchmark Study. 2020.

Transparency Builds Trust: As companies begin to deploy technologies focused on digital identity management and personal privacy, a communicated plan and framework will build trust and credibility that extends into operational performance.


More Resources:

  • Stay Safe Online & Privacy Commissioner of Canada 
  • DIACC – an organization focused on creating a digital identity ecosystem for all Canadians
  • CPHRAB: The rise of the digital economy places consumer and employee privacy at the forefront. To help educate organizations, TerraHub is presenting a webinar with CPHR Alberta on February 3, 2021. Register here and you’ll learn about recent proposed legislation and how a digital credential program is easily implemented to help you stay privacy compliant!
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