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Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials
Proof For The Workplace

Credentials can help you prove the information that is critical to your organization. Our technology platform provides proof of certifications and work experience using verified digital credentials issued directly from the source.

Verified Digital Credentials: Making work, work.

Verified Digital Credentials: Removing Barriers to the Workforce

A recent study by Checkster shows 78% of applicants misrepresent their qualifications.

The consequences of misrepresentations are economic, reputational, and risky to employers. If you have an incompetent workforce, you may face liability if something happens on your watch.

But, verified digital credentials are helping businesses improve productivity and operational efficiency.

At Credivera, we help businesses confirm the qualifications and certifications of employees. Our cloud technology collects and verifies digital credentials from issuers and holds them in our Digital Wallet.

Remove The Headaches
Associated With Verifying Certifications

Verified Digital Credentials:
What are they?

Verified digital credentials are visual representations of a person’s skills and abilities. They also provide an auditable record of how they accomplished it.

With digital credentials, you can verify knowledge, skills, and competence faster. Our verifiable credentials follow globally recognized standards, which ease transparency and interoperability, so regardless of where training was received its status is confirmed.

Verified digital credentials save your business money on recruiting and talent management expenses. All of which impacts your financial bottom line.

Credivera collects and validates credentials through a blockchain-powered trust Network. We prove the workforce information that is critical to your business.

Private Credentials

Private credentials contain information about personal and health information about an individual. Such information may include drug and alcohol testing, COVID-19 results, and any other sensitive personal information. The content of this credential is accessible to only a select authorized person such as an HR director and can be revoked by the individual later if they choose.

We understand the need for privacy and look out for the interest of the employer and the employee.

Who Do Verified Digital
Credentials Help?

Digital credentials ensure transparency and trustworthiness since they are traceable and verifiable. The industries or people that could benefit from verified certificates and credentials include:


As an employer, verified digital credentials provide an added layer of security when managing the qualifications and status of your workers’ certifications.

Credivera helps you verify the authenticity of documented skills and accomplishments of your entire organization during their employment lifecycle with you.

Professional Associations

With digital credentials, your members can prove their good standing, learning, and professional achievements with a verified record and share it with social media and their workplace. Your association’s credibility rises and gains the trust of employers everywhere.

Training Providers

As an Issuer, your programs will have significant impact with digital credentials. These verified credentials enhance your reputation as they are fraud-proof, increase enrollment numbers with alerts to customers for renewal, and maximize your exposure to your ideal target audience within the Credivera’s application.
Credivera’s online digital credentials enable workers to be in control of sharing, renewing, and growing their accomplishments with your organization.

What are the Benefits of Verified Digital Credentials?

Credivera’s platform follows global standards supporting the privacy and transportability of credentials. These benefits include:

Compliance Of the Workforce

Credivera helps companies in over thirty countries meet their compliance goals. Our standards are globally accepted so you can trust our verification and secure management of data.

Regardless of their location or business department, organizations can confirm employees’ certifications in real-time, creating a single source of truth for the business. The result is operational efficiency and profitability.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Recruitment is stressful for both candidates and recruiters. Mis-hires can cost the organization and the worker time, money, and energy.

Verified digital credentials improve the reliability of a hire with a digital Wallet that contains all of their recognized certifications directly approved by the training and education provider.

Moreover, it eliminates the need to search for paper credentials, degrees, and certificates from a registrar, association, or issuing body.

Organizations can reduce risks and liability in the long run by deploying the right talent to the right jobs.

Keep Your Employees Engaged

It costs a company six to nine months’ worth of an employee’s salary to recruit and onboard a new one. Apart from the financial implications, it can lead to low productivity.

A useful learning and development program in the workplace will improve engagement and keep your best talent.

On-the-job training and certifications that are represented by digital credentials can improve employee satisfaction, activate greater engagement with work, and improve retention rates.

Integrating verified digital credentials into a learning strategy reduces turnover in the workplace. Recognition boosts employee engagement, productivity, and retention as they claim and share their accomplishments to their own professional communities and on social media.

Criteria for Proof

Verifiable credentials are the standard for proof and Credivera provides that network of trust. Our private blockchain solution eliminates unvetted certifications like PDFs or point-in-time badges.

It Is User-Owned and Employer-Managed.

With us, you can control, track, and port your data across many ecosystems such as a learning management system or health and safety solution. It is flexible and easy to use with a simple integration that pulls information into one dashboard for managers.

Additionally, we empower employee privacy by ensuring they can leave with their credentials. This way their personal identity and health information is never stored with the employer.

Improve Your Operational
Efficiency with Credivera

Are you in a regulated industry? Do you regularly verify your employees or vendors? If so, Credivera can help you.
We manage employee identity and privacy associated with workplace certifications. With the help of real-time verified credentials, senior executives and managers reduce risks by seeing each location and workforce and if they are in compliance with the site requirements.

The Credivera Wallet displays their proven qualifications and data in a visual way that makes it easy to read, sort, and share insights.

Stay confident.
Stay informed.

Optimize with verifiable credentials and join our trusted community of employers and issuers.