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Our Solutions

Credivera makes it possible for skilled professionals and those issuing their credentials to maximize the value of these important career assets, keeping them safe, up-to-date, and readily at hand.

History of Skill Verification

1. “Knew a Guy”

Localized economies, people are hired purely on “Trust” instead of pre-checking competency.

2. Transcripts

Contact authorities of trust such as universities to qualify/disqualify.

3. Reference Checking

Supplied by candidates and may elicit bias or lack of credibility.

4. LinkedIn & Screening Software

Subjective social profiles established for qualifications have enabled unverified claims about skills and credentials. HR software scans resume for credential matching.

5. Today: Digital Credentials

Credentials are provided through Credivera’s permissioned network of Proof, via indisputable and timely access in your portable digital wallets.

What is a Digital Credential? A Digital Credential is a digital record of a qualification, achievement of a person or company’s background, typically used to indicate that they are suitable or approved for a role or requirement.

Manage Your Workforce Compliance

Get immediate recognition of an individual’s skills and qualifications.
Our solution is made up of three important components:
1. The Network
2. The Wallet
3. Compliance Tools

The Network

The Credivera Network is our technology that enables companies, issuers, and individuals to demonstrate credential management. The key to our Network is the ability to seamlessly integrate your existing systems with other training and education providers that your workforce uses.

This is critical to your information becoming portable which means that your data, such as employee credentials, background checking, internal training or proprietary information can be securely shared and is always current regardless of where the information originated from.

Compliance Tools

Credivera's platform supports at-a-glance management of employee compliance. We offer a variety of modules to support the qualifications of your workforce operating onsite.

These compliance tools help you manage contract and permanent workers across multiple locations. They support HR, Safety, and Management with real-time information and proof.

Daily Check

A digital daily health solution for workers that keeps them and the organization privacy compliant.


Never assume your organization has seen the latest policy, safety procedure, or operational news. A permanent record of compliance assists with corporate governance, supports employee engagement, and decreases liability and risk.


These are forms that enable a workforce to input information into to assist with.


Organize your workforce with a compliance tool based on an initiative. Associate permanent or contract individuals, skill and certification requirements, daily check, and manage the overall compliance of a project in an organized and secure manner for reporting and compliance.

The Wallet

Like any traditional wallet, our digital Credivera Wallet holds all of your critical information. Our solution sources data from almost anywhere and visualizes it so it’s easier for you to read, sort, and share insights from. This level of efficiency is what allows our clients to make more confident decisions, faster.

Decrease HR Administration

Save costs associated to tracking employee training and qualifications.

Retain Workers

Support interdepartmental transfers and reduce time re-qualifying contractors for new projects.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Recognize training accomplishments and encourage them to share credentials with peers.

Third-party Compliance

Meet and maintain project requirements and standards.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Employees & contractors are pre-approved to enter work sites by easily showing verified certifications, reducing fraudulent certifications and improving ‘time on tools’.

Support Incident Response

Real-time health, safety, and attendance records using private blockchain allows supervisors to manage project compliance, labour resources, and site incidences.

Improve Audits

The Wallet’s unbiased and irrefutable ledger reduces post-project auditing time and the resources required to compile data for reporting.

Manage Worker Privacy

New privacy legislation states that the certifications and personal information associated to a worker can be shared and revoked as they desire. Our permissioned network complies with these changes.

Why Credivera

Credivera verifies workforce compliance. Our solution collects information from various sources, validates it and delivers it to the employer with an immutable record using private blockchain. If you’re able to prove your data, you can make confident, better decisions, faster.

We’re not just solving for existing standards. Credivera is creating global solutions for the future of digital identity. Emerging regulations from the Government of Canada, such as the Pan Canadian Trust Framework, the European Commission and Homeland Security demand enterprises to prevent fraudulent certifications with the use of portable, digital credentials. Ask us how we can help.

Privacy Compliant


Verified Experience

Remove doubt regarding skill competency


Access credentials from anywhere in the world

Tamper Proof

Irrefutable audit trail for reporting

Simplified Recruitment

Real-time, verified career profiles


Verify your workforce and contribute to ESG metrics

Issuers of Verified Digital Credentials

Are you a leading training or credential provider? Our Network offers your customers a digital learning credential that is time-stamped and shareable with secure permissions to employers or on social media. Our customers receive notifications when their certifications are coming up for renewal so they stay in compliance and you stay as a vendor of choice!